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Scuola di Pallavolo Anderlini

It is a volleyball club that has always focused its attention on values and ethics, upon which sport should be funded, and in 2013 wrote the Carta Etica Anderlini (an Ethics Code)
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About ASD Scuola di Pallavolo Franco Anderlini

It's born in 1985. It supports volleyball for young athletes aged between 3 and 19. ASD Scuola di Pallavolo Franco Anderlini has grown as a solid reality, with 55 teams and more than 1,200 members, among which more than 100 are staff. It has become a technical and managerial benchmark all over the country.

ASD Scuola di Pallavolo Franco Anderlini has always focused its attention on values and ethic, upon which sport should be funded.

In 2013 a selected group of people, made of athletes, managers and families, worked to write Carta Etica Anderlini (Ethic Code), a document that describes how athletes, staff and families should behave to be fully aligned with Scuola di Pallavolo values and philosophy.


Carta Etica Anderlini has been published in September 2013 and distributed to all ASD Scuola di Pallavolo Franco Anderlini stakeholders in more than 2,000 copies.

ASD Scuola di Pallavolo Franco Anderlini has got previous experience with EU funds. In 2011 it run for Preparatory Study in Sport, a European project that used to involve Anderlini Network and its associated clubs. In 2014 it run for “Let's block: the volleyball against the social discrimination”.








die Projektpartner

Programme: Erasmus+
Key action: Sport
Action type: Support to Collaborative Partnerships
Call: EAC-A04-2014
Project title: Ethics4Sports
Project acronym: E4S
Application Nr:  567220-EPP-1-2015-2-ES-SPO-SCP
Grant agreement Nº:  2015 – 3769 / 001 – 001

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