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PANEL EVENT - Is Sport Fair?


Hosted at the University of Leicester April 20th 2017

Saturday 01/04/2017


Hosted at the University of Leicester April 20th 2017


Thursday 20 April 2017, 6pm – 7:30pm, University of Leicester, Main Campus Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 2


The 20th of April in Leicester is the place for you to be, if you would like to hear and discuss about fairness in sport.

Questions about sport, fairness and ethics have been around pretty much since sport began. But the kind of sport are we talking about is highly relevant here. Do we mean professional sport, where livelihoods are at stake and winning is pretty much everything? Or local amateur sport, where winning is not quite so all-consuming, and participation is a key defining feature? Do such differences mean we should think differently about fairness and ethics for amateur and professional variants of sport?  Add in different sporting codes and traditions, issues around sporting access, possible gender differences, and the matter of children's sport, and things become even more complex. After all, it is commonly assumed that children look up to professional sports stars for their role models. But is it realistic, given the commercial pressures, to expect sporting professionals to perform and behave with fairness as their main guide? And are some sports simply more fair than others?

This is an E4S project panel event involving panel members drawn from the British professional sport and local sport worlds. It is aimed at debating the question: Is sport fair?  Members of the audience will be able to pose their own questions to the panel.  It will be of interest to anyone who has an interest in sport: fans, players, parents, observers – and to those who have a general concern about fairness in sport and society.  We hope you can come.

The event will be hosted from 6pm at the University of Leicester. The panel members and chair will first discuss the issues around fairness in sport before opening it up to members of the public. The event will end at around 7.30pm.

For registration, please email Tarine Felix at:

For more information about the ‘Is Sport Fair' event contact John Williams at



Project information Ethics for Sports

The E4S initiative is an exciting new ERASMUS+ funded pan-European network, which connects scholars, local officials, representatives and volunteers in local sport from five countries – the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain – and which works across a wide range of local sports, including roller-hockey (Germany), volleyball (Italy), local football (United Kingdom) and a wide range of grassroots sports in Spain.

The E4S project is led by the City Council of Sant Cugat del Vallès and involves sports clubs from all those countries, as well as academics from the University of Leicester and the University of Rennes 2. The E4S intervention and research complements and supports perfectly the EU study on "Contribution of Sports to Economic Growth” from November 2012 and the recent Good Governance in Grassroots Sport (2011-2013) project which received support from the European Commission, Education and Culture DG, under the 2011 Preparatory Action in the Field of Sport agenda.


The project offers some enticing prospects for learning across national borders and has the following practical specific aims:


  1. To develop and improve on a new Code of Ethics for sporting bodies and clubs in Europe in order to promote ethical values in sport, including new approaches to fairness and inclusivity and to challenge discrimination and prejudice.
  2. To help enforce the Codes of Ethics developed and make the most of new technologies to fulfil this aim, by conducting pilot tests.
  3. To develop a set of verifiable indicators to facilitate the monitoring and evaluation of how ethics codes work and are enforced in local sport.
  4. By testing, monitoring and evaluating our new ethics code we aim to learn lessons to ensure replicability around Europe;
  5. Finally, to set-up a network of institutions aimed at co-operating and exchanging in the field of ethics in grassroots sport, and at the same time identifying new members across Europe who will be engaged in the future as alliances are built and enriched.
Project partners

Programme: Erasmus+
Key action: Sport
Action type: Support to Collaborative Partnerships
Call: EAC-A04-2014
Project title: Ethics4Sports
Project acronym: E4S
Application Nr:  567220-EPP-1-2015-2-ES-SPO-SCP
Grant agreement Nº:  2015 – 3769 / 001 – 001

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